The Coretex construction solution gives dispatchers granular, real-time visibility into the location, behavior and status of both ready mix and aggregate trucks. It's the key to delivering more product per man hour. 

Designed to integrate with all major third-party ready mix and aggregate dispatch systems, it offers 360-degree insight into the performance and behavior of a construction supply operation. With a complete set of HD sensors specifically designed for use in a ready mix environment - including bowl/drum rotation, water-add, load-switch for aggregate and precise auto-statusing - Coretex sets the standard for end-to-end supply chain monitoring. 

Combined with the Coretex 360 suite of fleet management functions, it's the single-platform approach to getting more out of your construction operation.

Coretex construction solutions are proven to:

  • Drive up delivery volume per man-hour
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve environmental safety and incident management
  • Automate compliance
  • Improve quality control


Our construction supply solution in action

Features in Detail

Features in Detail


Two way integration with major construction dispatch systems

Concrete Delivery Module

Advanced on-vehicle processing of sensor and job information


Automated real-time job status updates to dispatchers.

Bowl Rotation

Measures speed, direction, and count of bowl rotations

Water Add

Ensure concrete quality with accurate tracking of added water.


Track vehicle activity with device or server-side geofencing.

Load Switch

Additional status and efficiency measurement points

Incident Detection and Replay

Second-by-second analysis and playback of events and incidents.

Integrated video cameras

High-quality video recording from up to eight cameras.

Job Workflow and Activity Recording

Inject professionalism, accuracy and efficiency into your construction fleet.

Advanced Engine Monitoring

Manage fuel consumption, identify engine faults, and reduce vehicle operating costs


Coretex 360

Coretex 360

Coretex 360 is the Single Point of Operational Truth for construction operators. It's the essential tool for dispatchers, safety teams, maintenance teams and plant managers to get the best out of every aspect of a ready mix fleet operation. 

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Coretex 360 lets operators of both small and large fleets monitor exactly where their vehicles are and how they are being driven, plus driver fatigue levels and the status of the product once it has left the plant. Using user-defined geofences, jobs are automatically updated as they move from loading to mixing to pouring, allowing you to drive the plant harder, offer a better customer experience and increase product per-man hour.

Integrated cameras let you replay any trip with HD accuracy, giving you the information you need to manage complaints and offer the highest levels of customer service. 

Coretex 360 is accessed via Android and iOS apps. It integrates with all major dispatch systems including Command, Sysdyne and Wheresmyconcrete, and supports a broad range of security and permission-management features that make it suitable for all sizes and types of operation.

Coretex DRIVE

Coretex DRIVE

Coretex DRIVE is the essential tool for drivers to connect with dispatchers, receive job information, track driver hours, navigate and receive alerts. It is designed for easy in-cab use with big buttons and an easy-to-read interface, and supports both standard DRIVE and custom applications. 

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Coretex DRIVE includes a real-time driver feedback mechanism triggered by harsh cornering and braking events, with thresholds  dynamically adjusted based on load slump. DRIVE will automatically alert drivers to upcoming dangers such as sharp corners or low bridges, and allows an operator to directly message a driver without the need to call or text. Information entered by the driver is automatically stored in Coretex 360 for reporting and reference. DRIVE runs on standard dashboard-mounted Android tablets and on Android mobile phones.


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