Automate FSMA compliance, protect cargoes, drive out cost and keep assets rolling for longer with Coretex's industry-leading two-way reefer monitoring and control solutions.

Drawing on ITHL’s trusted ibright® enterprise technology, Coretex two-way reefer solutions give carriers the visibility, confidence and control they need to deliver first class-customer service with the lowest possible cost. With over 50 features, the industry’s most sophisticated feature-set gives you remote monitoring, two-way remote reefer control, control of up to six doors, and advanced power management to preserve reefer and TMU battery life. 

Coretex is the natural choice for mixed fleet carriers. Today, Coretex manages more than 25,000 reefer assets and tracks over two million logs a day across both Carrier and Thermo King assets. 

Coretex reefer solutions are proven to:

  • Reduce fuel, labor and other operational costs
  • Improve asset utilization and asset run-time
  • Resolve incidents quickly
  • Reduce spoilage and claims
  • Improve customer service 
  • Simplify FSMA compliance

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Our reefer solution in action

The Coretex Platform for Refrigerated Transport

Coretex 360

Coretex 360

Coretex 360 is the Single Point of Operational Truth for refrigerated fleet operators. Proven to dramatically reduce lost loads and boost asset utilization, it is the essential tool for FSMA compliance.

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Coretex 360 offers sophisticated visibility and control. From with the app, operators can track location and speed, replay trips, define and manage geofences, control assets, interrogate triggered events, monitor driver behavior, maintain service records, allocate jobs and much more. Paired with Coretex's ibright®-based reefer management system, it's the industry's leading solution for refrigerated fleets. 

Coretex DRIVE

Coretex DRIVE

Turbocharge your drivers with Coretex DRIVE. This purpose-built in-cab device gives access to a wide range of Coretex apps, enables ELD and DVIR compliance and more. It also supports custom and publicly available apps.

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Coretex apps available include health and safety eForms, messaging, tracking, navigation, jobs, fatigue and driver behaviour monitoring. The platform allows an operator to directly message a driver without the need to call or text. Information entered by the driver is automatically stored in Coretex 360 for reporting and reference. DRIVE runs on standard Android tablets mounted on the dashboard, and on Android mobile phones.

Features in detail

The industry's most advanced reefer feature set

Core Temperature Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all your refrigerated assets.

Two-Way Remote Commands

Reefer control at any time via desktop or mobile device.

ABS/EBS Integration

Access data directly from your trailer braking system.

Continuous Temperature Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all your refrigerated assets.

Advanced Power Management

Power management and regenerative energy capture.

Tracking, Replay & Reporting

High-definition insight into your fleet.

Alerts & Notifications

Get the right information to the right people.

Advanced Geofencing

Create up to 10,000 geofences in circles or polygons.

Advanced Reefer Analytics

Manage fuel consumption with detailed efficiency.

Integration with Operational Systems

Full integration with all major operational systems.

Automated Actions

Including multiple door reefer state control.

Multiple Door Reefer State Control

Monitor door state changes.

Monitor and trigger reefer door state-dependent changes on up to four doors. Includes full door and temperature detail reporting including geofence door activity.

Detention Time Monitoring

Capture revenue from excessive detention time.

Reduce wait times and capture revenue from excessive detention time with customizable detention time alerts.

Tire Inflation Event Monitoring

Real time monitoring of tire inflation events.

Beyond compliance. FSMA made easy.

Transform FSMA from a regulatory burden to a business opportunity with a Coretex integrated In-Cab and Cold Chain HD telematics solution. The complete toolkit: from contract documentation to monitoring and control of environmental conditions, plus ELD and the full suite of fleet management features. Everything you need to become the preferred FSMA carrier. It’s how you turn compliance into a competitive advantage.

Download the Coretex FSMA white paper and find out how to move beyond compliance.

Download our FSMA Whitepaper:


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