Say goodbye to chaos.

Running an efficient, safe and compliant fleet is challenging. It typically involves multiple systems, many people, and a fair degree of chaos. Not any more.

Coretex solutions bring calm to the  chaos, giving dispatchers, drivers, maintenance and safety teams a Single Point of Operational Truth to drive the business forwards. Coretex is the leader in Active Fleet Management, delivering powerful HD insights and control where they are needed, when they are needed.  


With a single system that controls and manages all aspects of fleet operation, from asset tracking to fatigue management and maintenance,  you can streamline your operations, cut costs and run a better business.

Coretex is particularly valuable to mixed fleet operators that need to simultaneously comply with ELD, FSMA and other federal regulations. Proven in the most demanding businesses, Coretex solutions are secure, highly configurable and accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet.


The Coretex Platform Components

Coretex 360

High Definition fleet visualization and control

Coretex 360 is the Single Point of Operational Truth for fleet operators. Running on any modern web browser, it incorporates all of the tracking, maintenance scheduling, job management and driver management tools required to run an efficient fleet.

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From 360, operators can track location and speed, replay trips, define and manage geofences, control assets, interrogate triggered events, monitor driver behaviour, maintain service records, allocate jobs and much more. Coretex 360 can be accessed via Android and iOS apps, and supports a broad range of security and permission-management features that make it suitable for both small and enterprise organisations.

Coretex DRIVE

In-cab solution designed with the driver in mind

Coretex DRIVE is a purpose-built, tablet-based in-cab system that links drivers to vehicles and vehicles to dispatchers. Working in harmony with Coretex 360, DRIVE gives drivers the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and safely. 

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Built around a familiar modular app framework, Coretex DRIVE offers single pane of glass access to turn-by-turn trucking navigation, messaging, jobs, DVIR, checklists, fatigue information, ELD, real time driver feedback as well as your choice of custom applications. DRIVE makes it easy to roll out Android-based mobile apps to drivers quickly and securely.  DRIVE is optimized to run on Coretex-supplied Samsung and TomTom Bridge tablets.


Fully evolved in-vehicle tracking devices

Choose the in-vehicle tracking device that matches your requirements from the comprehensive range of Coretex Telematics Units (TMUs).  Drawing on more than 12 years on-the-road telematics experience, Coretex TMUs offer exceptional levels of reliability, low power consumption and data processing. 

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Advanced device-based processing in higher-end Coretex devices provides continuous, high-definition data without the higher network costs required by server-based solutions. 


See what the driver sees

Coretex cameras put operators in the cab alongside the driver to provide essential evidentiary, driver coaching and safety information. Camera feeds are correlated with GPS, G-force and EMS data within Coretex 360 to offer incident analysis and investigation from every dimension.  

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Cameras can be live streamed or triggered by either the driver or by G-force events. Choose from Coretex fully-featured one, two, four or eight-camera solutions and get the visual data you need at the level you want.

Mobile Apps

Fleet information at your fingertips

Take the power of Coretex 360 with you. Choose from a suite of mobile apps offering fleet information and control at the level that's right for your business. 

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The 360 mobile management app shows operators which drivers are logged on and monitors vehicles for position, direction and speed.  The Coretex FieldTrak app is ideal for contractors, who can register their availability for work and be monitored in real time within Coretex 360. Both FieldTrak and the 360 app are available in both Android and iOS.

HD Sensors

See your vehicles in HD

This is where 360-degree insights begin. A complete range of optional Coretex sensors provides a rich stream of data on fuel load, trailer ABS, tire pressure, refrigerated compartments, load beds, lights-out detection and more.


From Passive to Active. 

Introducing the ActionEngine™


Coretex takes you beyond traditional 'passive' telematics into a world of action, thanks to the unique ActionEngine™. The ActionEngine™ automates processes that historically relied on manual interventions. Adopting your unique business rules, it matches insights to action to provide consistent, round-the-clock real-time responses. The outcome: more responsiveness, less manual overhead, and a safer, more efficient operation.

The ActionEngine™ makes sense of disparate data points, translating noise into actionable intelligence. For example, if it sees that one of your vehicles is speeding and that the driver has had three harsh cornering events in the last 30 minutes, isn't wearing a seat belt and is right at the end of his shift, the  ActionEngine™ can take immediate and automated action.



Some uses of the ActionEngine:

  • Triggering an alert to an operator if a trailer door outside of specific hours
  • Generating an automated warning to a driver if more than three speeding events between two geofences
  • Alerting a supervisor if more than five unsafe driving events occur in the last hour of a shift.
  • Dynamically adjust harsh cornering thresholds for a ready-mix truck according to the size and slump of the load 

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Driving real business ROI

Coretex has been helping fleet operators save money and run safer, greener, more productive businesses since 2001. 


Compliance and Governance

Compliance is more than just a prerequisite for staying in business, it’s part of a strategic investment in streamlined and profitable operations. Coretex solutions lighten the administrative burden of complying with a broad range of regulations, including health and safety codes, FSMA, ELD, HOS, RUC, IFTA, DVIR and EWD.


Health and Safety

Monitor fatigue and driving behavior, cut speeding infringements and reduce wear and tear on both drivers and vehicles. The result: reduced driver turnover and a safer, more efficient and productive fleet.


Lower Technology Costs

With a single Coretex platform managing all vehicles in the fleet, you avoid the costs and administration overhead of multiple fees, contracts and user interfaces. 
Expected saving on the total cost of technology ownership: 25%.


Operational Costs Savings

Coretex systems are proven to help reduce fuel usage, maintenance and labor costs. With a complete implementation, operators can save as much as 10% on opex. 


Asset Utilization

Carry more with the same assets. Harness Coretex insights to the full and boost asset utilization in larger fleets by 10% .


Streamlined Business Process

The Coretex 360 Action Engine automates manual functions, giving you finely-grained control around the clock. Result: more responsive fleet management at any time, day or night, without extra headcount.


Theft and Security

Continuous monitoring across a trailer fleet, including door locks and freight loads, reduces the risk of theft and gives your customers confidence that their cargo will get to its destination.




Cut the risk of perishable loads going bad with the Coretex solution’s continuous temperature/load monitoring.


Service Verification – Waste & Recycling Haulers

Harness highly reliable GPS tracking, automatic lift arm detection and driver input to provide Intelligent Proof of Service.