The leading fleet management solution for the construction industry

Gain 360-degree insight into the performance and behavior of a construction supply operation with our integration with major third-party ready mix and aggregate dispatch systems.


Coretex sets the standard for end-to-end supply chain monitoring with a complete set of high definition sensors. Our sensors were designed for the ready mix industry and includes bowl/drum rotation, water addition, load-switch for aggregate, and integrated job statusing.

Combined with Coretex’s suite of fleet management functions, it’s the single-platform approach to getting more out of your construction operation.

Industry leading functionality

Provide dispatchers with real-time visibility into the location, behaviour and status of both ready mix and aggregate trucks


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Integrated statusing

Integrated statusing

Integrated statusing captures highly accurate job information for billing and dispatching without driver input. It takes information from multiple inputs and accurately updates job status. It functions even without drum rotation sensors and accommodates manual status changes.

Water Add Monitoring

Water Add Monitoring

Automatically record and report water added to the mix for audit and quality purposes, excluding water used for washout or other purposes.

Bowl Sensors

Bowl Sensors

Accurate job reporting with bowl rotation speed, direction and count data.

Dispatch Integrations

Dispatch Integrations

Full two-way integration with Marcotte, Command Alkon, Jonel, and WheresMyConcrete for jobs, integrated statusing, water add and location tracking.


Specialized Dashboards

Specialized Dashboards

Combining Power BI tools with our high definition device data, Coretex dashboards give you insight like never before. With reports and dashboards specialized to the construction industry, you can easily see your utilization, total ticketed and more – enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Data includes:

  • Job count
  • Cubic yards ticketed
  • Lead distance
  • Waiting time
  • Trip time
  • Driver behavior
  • KPI Violations based on vehicles over accepted waiting time


Additional Features

Plant Utilisation

Data like average time in plant (minutes), number of yards dispatched p/hour p/vehicle and more.

Compliance Management

A full suite of enterprise compliance solutions including ELD  Pavement Ruleset and DVIR built from the ground up.

Video Capture of Events

Capture every event automatically with high-quality video recording from up to four cameras.

Real-time Driver Feedback

Receive live feedback of your drivers and adjust their performance in real time.

Incident Detection and Replay

Only Coretex Incident Replay captures exactly what happened in the event of an incident, giving you the precise High Definition Data you need to manage risk.

High Definition Tracking

Cortex industry-leading tracking lets you monitor your fleet in unprecedented detail and take action from the real-time intelligence generated.

Job Management

Cut errors and communications costs and boost productivity with Coretex job management.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports & Checklists

Get your assets on the road faster and stay on the right side of vehicle inspection requirements with the easy-to-use Coretex DVIR solution.

Maintenance / Service Manager

Reduce the administrative burden of manual scheduling. Stay on top of fleet servicing and maintenance.

Real-time Location & Geofencing

Track vehicle activity in the geographic areas that matter with on-device and in cloud geofencing.

Trailer Tractor Linking

Manual or automatic PLC-based tractor and trailer linking.

Standard and Advanced Engine Monitoring

Identify poor driving with remote monitoring of fuel consumption, basic fault codes and odometer.

Two-way Messaging

Hands-free messaging between driver and dispatcher via in-cab tablet.

Real-time, complete visibility

The single-platform approach to getting more out of your construction operation.

  • Fully integrated software and hardware platform

  • Rock solid and reliable hardware

  • Aggregate & Ready Mix trucks on one platform

  • Construction specific DVIR, and driver behavior

  • Water add and water add monitoring

  • Integrated job statusing

  • Dispatch integrations


“I’m looking forward to a long-term partnership. Coretex’s product road map is very exciting and I can see that they will be instrumental in moving the construction industry to the next level.”

— Wayne Silva, CFO

High-definition data stream that transforms into actionable intelligence


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