Go beyond vehicle tracking with affordable service verification and route management

Coretex Smart Waste solution offers sophisticated proof of service functions along with a suite of in-cab applications and the eRoute Management toolkit. All at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.

The benefits are immediate and wide-ranging: more efficient routing, fewer driver distractions, better customer service, fewer missed stops and costly call backs. Plus, Coretex’s modular offering lets you scale the solution to match your needs, now and into the future.

The Industry’s Leading Waste & Recycling Solution

Boost customer service and shrink operating costs with Coretex waste and recycling solutions.


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Service Verification Levels

Service Verification Levels

Three levels of affordable service verification, including an RFID option. Real-time intelligent proof of service shows you where your trucks are, where they have been and, most importantly, whether or not service was performed. Choose from options to match your business needs, including one with an integrated RFID solution that tells you exactly which carts have been serviced.

Smart Routes

Smart Routes

Smart Routes allows your drivers to run the optimal route, and from our replay functionality, turn it into a live and measurable route.

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Real-time info segmented by customer

Real-time info segmented by customer

Using  a web interface, customer service staff get real-time service information by customer, making them more responsive to customer calls, reducing customer complaints and identifying repeat callback offenders.

Identify missed stops

Identify missed stops

Easily identifies missed stops before the end of a route and helps drivers to complete routes more accurately and on time.

Record recycling participation

Record recycling participation

Records customer participation to help meet recycling goals. Identifies actual service volume by route and by truck, as well as identifying potential route improvements.

In-Cab Applications

In-Cab Applications

Make the driver part of the solution with the Coretex in-cab display and a family of proven applications. Exception recording lets the driver record blocked or contaminated carts and other service anomalies on the spot, helping you resolve customer complaints.  Paperless route sheets and turn-by-turn navigation boost efficiency and minimize mistakes. Two-way messaging guarantees communication with a minimum of driver disruption.

Residential Waste App

Allow your residential customers to view when their waste or recycling is due for pick-up in real-time with Coretex's residential waste app. Residents can view the truck's location as it completes a route and can be notified before it arrives at their address to ensure they never miss a pick-up. 

Commercial Waste App

Allow your commercial customers to easily schedule and monitor their pick-ups with Coretex's commercial waste app. Users can specify their preferred pick-up times, monitor completed pick-ups, and manage their accounts. 

Additional Features

Commercial Route Management

Paperless route schedules and monitoring.

GPS Tracking

Know where your trucks are in real time.

Exception Recording

On the spot driver recording of blocked or contaminated carts and other service anomalies.

Engine Idle Time

Report on excessive engine idle time and loitering.

Work Order

Push work orders with detailed instructions to your drivers.

Photo Capture

In-cab camera to document exceptions on the spot.

Trip Replay

Monitor, visualize and replay fleet activity in High Definition.

Customer List

Integrated customer management.

Residential Routing

Paperless route schedules and monitoring.


Hands-free messaging between driver and dispatcher via in-cab tablet.


Comprehensive suite of reports providing analysis, proof of compliance and accurate tracking of key business metrics.

Real-time, complete visibility

Affordable service verification and route management. Boost customer service and shrink operating costs.

  • More efficient routing

  • Fewer driver distractions

  • Less missed stops

  • Reduce call-backs


High-definition data stream that transforms into actionable intelligence


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