See your vehicles in high definition

The TMU1500 from Coretex is a highly detailed and configurable device, with high sensitivity GPS for reliable location & tracking, as well as patented triple-axis accelerometer motion sensing technology for detecting aggressive driving manoeuvres such as harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, and high-impact events.

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All in one fleet tracking unit

The TMU600 is a highly configurable, feature rich, mobile asset tracking device designed to service a wide variety of market and industry requirements. The TMU600 incorporates leading edge, quality components for superior reliability, including high performance internal cellular and GPS antennas and an auto- calibrating 3-axis accelerometer for monitoring and reporting of rapid acceleration, deceleration, harsh cornering and other events.


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Giving you leading fleet management features

The TMU300 is an ideal solution for Mobile Resource Management, vehicle tracking and many other location-aware applications and services. The TMU300 incorporates leading edge, quality components for superior reliability including high performance internal cellular and GPS antennas.

This unit is for ANZ customers


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CoreVision Dashcam

Your view from the road

Combining driver and vehicle data with HD video delivers more than a dashcam recording, it’s a complete view of every journey.  Accurate recordings from your vehicle are critical in defending your company from fraudulent claims. Event triggered recordings offer a simple solution to incident resolution, while delivering the ultimate in driver coaching and training through trip replay to identify areas for improvement and coaching.  

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Bring all vehicles and all assets, to one platform with CoreHub

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ELD Compliance

Optimize your driver capacity with real-time view of available hours

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CoreVision Dashcam

Your view from the road with event triggered activation

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Vehicle Inspections

Safety and maintenance made easy with simple to use DVIR

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