Refrigerated Transport Sensors

Solar Panels

Our wired solar panels can power your device or recharge the battery when not in continuous use. With a lifetime of 5+ years, know your dry trailers are taken care of for long distances and years to come.


Reefer probes

Coretex are industry leaders in reefer monitoring, and our sensors only help to enhance this. Wired and unwired temperature probes help to ensure your unit is consistent cooled throughout, as well as the cargo itself. Humidity probes help to ensure the uni

Door switch

Know the state of your doors 24/7 with a Coretex door switch. Combined with our powerful geofence capabilities, you can receive custom notifications when your doors are open - and they shouldn’t be.

Fuel sensor

Never be caught out with low fuel again with the Coretex fuel sensor. A live gauge on the system lets you know at all times what status the fuel is in, and when you need to refuel.

On/off state

Be alerted and control the state of your reefer unit. With the Coretex door switch, you can remotely control your unit from anywhere.


Receive crucial ABS/EBS information via the receiver or CANBUS.

Tire inflation

Know when your tires are being inflated via the tire inflation lamp.

Construction Sensors

Drum sensors / CRABs

Never miss a drum event again, with Coretex CRAB drum sensors. The CRAB counts drum rotation, direction & speed, to give you an HD picture of what state your concrete is in.

Water add sensors

Measure how much water you are adding on the go.

Load Switch

Sitting within the suspension / air pressure line, the load switch lets you know if the vehicle is loaded or not. Combining with our advanced geofencing and action engine, workflow rules can be established for job status updates.

Waste & Recycling Sensors

RFID tags

For expert level proof of service, our intelligent RFID tags are available. Sitting on the arm of the waste truck, you get real time intelligent proof, information by each customer and integration with our cart inventory system.

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