December 13, 2019

4 Reasons Why Fleet Operators Choose Coretex

Coretex delivers supply chain assurance and fleet management solutions to more than 70,000 connected vehicles in commercial freight, construction, cold chain, waste and recycling industries. Here are four reasons why fleets of all types choose Coretex for their compliance and management requirements.

Integrated Eco-system of Data

Coretex solutions give carriers across numerous markets the visibility, confidence and control they need to need to protect loads, keep assets rolling longer, and deliver first-class customer service with the lowest possible cost. 

Coretex is an ideal choice for mixed fleet carriers.  Our integrated platform solution allows operators to manage all the facets of an entire fleet – reefer, straight trailers, and in-cab – providing a single source of operational truth.

We have over a decade of experience providing mixed fleets with in-cab and reefer solutions that meet compliance regulations, including ELD and FSMA.  Coretex’s comprehensive fleet management tool kit contains the industry’s most sophisticated features set. 

“We have grown with Coretex and view them as family. Coretex delivers a single platform for in-cab, reefer and dry van that is hands-down the best in the industry.”

-       Jim Gangloff, Consultant, Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 

Farm-to-Fork Food Safety

Coretex’s cold chain reefer temperature monitoring solution automates compliance obligations with a powerful range of sensors and probes to ensure food is safe and of the highest quality for consumers.  The remote-sensing units regularly record and transmit data points such as temperature and humidity, air flow in the trailer, and refrigeration unit performance.

The sensors record and transmit reefer data over the duration of a run, and while loading, unloading or staging.  The system provides operators with the ability to remotely check a trailer’s temperature, and adjust, troubleshoot or reset, if necessary.

“Coretex allows us to monitor and remotely adjust the temperature of our reefers and track our drivers’ hours of service.  At the end of the day, it’s all about education, safety and compliance.”

-       Peter Croker, Logistics & Finance Manager, Covino Farms

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A New Level of Supply Chain Assurance

Coretex has leveraged its deep heritage in reefer telematics and raw data expertise to develop the future of cold chain solutions for our customers. CoreTemp is revolutionizing product temperature and delivery compliance throughout the refrigerated goods supply chain.

Customers and consumers demand the highest standards of product quality and safety, particularly for fresh food and temperature sensitive medications.  Distributors and carriers trust CoreTemp to help them meet these obligations and fulfil their FSMA documentation requirements. 

CoreTemp has been developed in collaboration with some of the biggest consumer brands and their cold chain distribution partners.  Trusted by top industry brands including Starbucks, Chipotle and Chick-fil-A, QCD services over 5,500 restaurants nationally – totalling over 1 million deliveries per year. The company has a history of being committed to innovation and recently deployed CoreTemp across the U.S.

“The CoreTemp algorithm works flawlessly. Everyone wants to make sure they know that the core temperature of their products is compliant. Coretex allows us to communicate to our customer that they are receiving the highest quality of product every time.”

-       Larkin Williams, General Manger, QCD

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Fleet Utilization and Auto-Statusing

Coretex solutions contain real-time tracking and integrated job statusing features allow key personnel in the supply chain to see at any given point in time just how many trucks are ticketed, en route, waiting on site, and traveling back.  This automatic operation data and granular workflow view is generated by leveraging a complete set of high definition sensors. 

Ascension Quality Materials, Inc. has been providing ready mix concrete materials to communities in Louisiana for 20 years.  The company deployed Coretex’s construction fleet management solution three years ago – paving the way for new efficiencies in its operation.

Ascension Quality Materials, Inc. has been providing ready mix concrete materials to communities in Louisiana for 20 years.  The company deployed Coretex’s construction fleet management solution three years ago – paving the way for new efficiencies in its operation.

“The ability for precise integrated-statusing and end-to-end supply chain assurance are favourite features of our dispatch staff. Our labor cost per yard has extremely dropped due to the fact that we can efficiently schedule our trucks because we can see exactly where they are at all times.”

-       Wayne Silva, CFO, Ascension Quality Materials

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Coretex delivers compliance and fleet management solutions to more than 60,000 connected vehicles in mixed fleet, construction and waste and recycling industries. Request a demo to learn more about Coretex’s supply chain assurance and fleet management solutions.

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