June 07, 2019

Coretex launches CoreRUC Light

Coretex is launching an Electronic Road User Charges (eRUC) solution specifically designed for light commercial vehicles. CoreRUC Light will be the first eRUC solution made specifically for light commercial fleets in New Zealand, combining advanced self-install telematics hardware with an ePaper display screen.

CoreRUC Light replaces paper RUC licenses and automates the purchasing of RUC licenses, so you never have to order a paper licence again. CoreRUC Light also maximizes off-road claims with automatic second-by-second tracking, refund reporting and claim forms. All the off-road data is tracked and stored on the Coretex servers. At the end of the month, this is available to be easily claimed from NZTA, by downloading a simple form already filled in, and ready to be emailed.

“We noticed that all vehicles no matter what their type were needing to be fitted out with the heavy duty eRUC option. A lot of companies are choosing not to fit their light vehicles out with eRUC, as it is simply not cost effective. With our new CoreRuc Light solution, companies can have their entire fleet benefiting from the full features of eRUC, but at a light vehicle price.” says Sam Barclay, Chief Product Officer of Coretex.

Automated eRUC license purchasing is standard for all vehicles, at your desired choice of amount and distance. The CoreRUC Light solution is plug, stick and play – plug the device in, stick the screen on your window and you’re all set to go. “Creating a device that is selfinstall makes the whole process even easier, vehicles are off the road for less time during the installation process – saving crucial time and money” says Barclay.

Anyone with light diesel vehicles will benefit from the CoreRUC Light solution. With off road refunds and automated purchasing, RUC is made much simpler for farmers, tradesmen fleets of utes & vans of any size, and leasing companies as well.

Along with the eRUC features, Coretex offers powerful DVIR (vehicle inspections), real time driver behaviour and job management applications inside the vehicle via their DRIVE tablet app. All this information can be viewed in their cloud-based platform Coretex 360 software, with access to servicing systems, replay functionality, incident reporting, utilization & driver behaviour dashboard reporting and more.

To find out more, visit our CoreRUC Light page.

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