July 17, 2019

Reefer, Alerting & Dashboard Advancements for Coretex 360

Over the last weekend, we launched version 19.2 across our Coretex 360 platform. This release involved some significant changes to Reefer features, alerting plans and introducing some brand new dashboards.

Reefer Manager - Two-Way Communications

Coretex 360 Reefer Manager now supports the ability to send commands to reefers and monitor status of the commands. Commands include changing Setpoints, running Pre-trips, remotely starting or stopping a reefer, running a defrost, changing Intelliset parameters, the ability to batch commands and more.

batch commands

Alert Plan Management

Coretex 360 now has the ability to send different alerts to different users e.g. Send Geofence entry alerts to one user within business hours and another outside business hours. These alert plans can be configured for all entities, including vehicles, fleets & drivers. If you use alerting currently, please read the release notes in full for more information.

alert plan


Coretex now has 2 brand new dashboards - Summary and Construction. The Summary Dashboard covers useful stats on your vehicles, from Speed Management to Harsh Braking, Driving Distance & Time and more. The Construction Dashboard covers Construction specific metrics - such as Autostatus, Time to Site, Volume/Hour etc - by vehicle or driver. Please contact your account manager for more information around enablement & pricing.

heatmap dashboard

For more information on how to use these features or if they are applicable to you, please see our full release notes here.

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