The Future of Cold Chain Assurance

CoreTemp is revolutionizing product temperature and delivery compliance throughout the refrigerated goods supply chain.

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This is product assurance and compliance like you have never seen it before.

Customers and consumers demand the highest standards of product quality and safety, particularly for fresh food and temperature sensitive medications.  Distributors and carriers trust CoreTemp to help them meet these obligations, and fulfill their FSMA documentation requirements.

CoreTemp has been developed in collaboration with some of the biggest consumer brands and their cold chain distribution partners.  It has been built so that you can be clearly in control of your cold chain distribution, and you can be comfortable sharing that route and product information with your customers in real-time if you desire.

CoreTemp uses intelligent mathematical algorithms to predict the core temperature of your products with incredible accuracy - all in real-time.  Temperature probes can be inaccurate because they rely on accurate positioning by human operators, and can be tricky to download data from.  Predicted product temperatures can be more accurate because they are automatic, and don't rely on human actions to place probes.  

CoreTemp uses core product temperatures to drive outcomes like early temperature warnings and alerts, compartment mismatch detection and automatic route detection to keep your compliance scores high and customers and consumers happy. CoreTemp users are using tomorrow's Cold Chain technology to drive positive change in their processes today.

Live Product Temperature Tracking

Continuously calculated product core-temperatures are updated live in the application and archived to suit your documentation needs.

Product Specific Algorithms

Every product has different storage and transportation needs. From the strict requirements of products requiring HACCP tracking to the specific needs of bread, chocolate or icecream CoreTemp treats them each differently. CoreTemp’s advanced algorithms account for multiple factors – the physical product type, the packaging method, and the unit of transportation.  CoreTemp combines these factors into an adaptive algorithm that provides you with the most accurate view of your load status.

Alert Notifications

Get the right information to those who need it. Configure up to 3 levels of alerting (e.g. warning, scored and preventative action level alerts) tailored to your specific thresholds. Have alerts sent to the driver via push notification with recommended SOP or Corrective Action steps, so they can solve an issue on the road. Let dispatch know when a route was missed or started late so they can adapt the future routes. Catch issues before they become problems.

Route Reporting

CoreTemp use your routes to streamline reporting and make adoption simple for your trans team.  Create or import your routes (including delivery stops) in the application – including start & end times and all delivery locations, assigned vehicle (if applicable), product profiles and the route schedule. Each day your routes will automatically be presented in the application ready for tracking and letting you see at a glance progress, compliance & exceptions.

Dashboard & Reporting

Making dispatch and compliance management easy to manage. View route summary, temperature compliance, unmanaged routes and route coverage. Reporting covers what you really care about, with performance scores and rankings across departments, and product types with route breakdowns.

Remove Ambiguity

Take out the guesswork and prove that your produce is safe and compliant. Don’t question the accuracy of your temperatures based on where a sensor is placed – the CoreTemp advanced algorithm uses simulated temperature to ensure constant and accurate temperature reporting.

CoreTemp adapts to multiple product algorithms per compartment, ensuring compliance and safety for even the riskiest of products. Push alerts to drivers in real time with suggested fixes, allows you to save loads and fix warnings before they become problems.

Remove Manual Overhead

CoreTemp automates your manual processes with automatic route detection, automated workflows, and temperature simulation over manual probing. Real time notifications, with solutions to drivers and dispatch saves you time and effort to solve problems, and save loads.

Management Outcomes

CoreTemp is designed with intervention awareness.  SOP changes and CAPA plans can be tagged in the system allowing management to assess the impact of business improvements.  Discover your compliance levels and where issues are originating from. Gain superior visibility into your supply chain and drive change to improve. Utilize CoreTemp’s dashboards & leaderboards to see what methods and process are working in different divisions, and share that knowledge across your organization.

Co-developed by Shippers and Distributors

A true collaborative platform that promotes excellence and transparency without micro management. Carriers and Shippers partner to own the shared outcomes.

Trusted by the world’s largest food retailers

“The algorithm works flawlessly. Everyone wants to make sure they know that the core temperature of their products is compliant. Being able to build on air temperature reading by receiving actual product temperature will allow us to communicate to our customer that they are receiving the highest quality of product every time.”

— Larkin Williams, General Manager – QCD


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