Protecting your drivers, your vehicles, and your reputation 

Accurate recordings from your vehicle are critical in defending your company from fraudulent claims. Event triggered recordings offer a simple solution to incident resolution, while delivering the ultimate in driver coaching and training through trip replay to identify areas for improvement and coaching.  

driver coaching 

Encourage safe driving using personalized coaching and feedback for individuals by identifying areas for improvement and rewarding examples of incident avoidance through skilled driving techniques. Increase effectiveness of larger group coaching with selected footage to deliver the same level of training to all. 

CoreVision CoreHub Diagram

Smart, made simple 

The CoreVision device is designed for precision video capture using a reliable lightweight structure. With the CoreHub IoT device powering the event triggers, video storage and engine data, you get high functionality, low risk of data loss, all with a low price tag. 

Event Triggered Activation 

Increase response time as incident recordings are automatically sent to the 360 management platform when triggered by events such as harsh braking, impact or speeding. In times of no coverage, the CoreHub device will store it to upload when connectivity returns. 

Vision in IoT

No additional sim or data required thanks to the full IoT powering from the CoreHub

Minimize claims

Accurate records allow you to defend against false claims, while applying context to the level of exposure for incidents.

Keep a back up

In the event of vehicle power supply being cut, CoreHub has a backup battery so videos can still be uploaded

10 minute install

Using built-in mounts, attach to the windscreen, connect to CoreHub via USB and follow the prompts in the Installer App.

Record every moment 

Protect your drivers from false claims with an up-to-date recording of every trip. With a choice between single or dual lens, you can capture just the view in front or have additional driver care with a visual of the driver’s responses as well.   


Swift, accurate resolutions 

For decision makers reviewing an incident occurrence, time syncing of video and incident data offers a complete view of what happened, and when. Complete visibility allows you to have confidence in your incident resolution outcomes. 

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