Construction fleet management built for you

Through a connected network of wireless sensors, compact hub, driver tablet and business dashboards, Coretex has engineered the complete solution for construction projects both on and off the site. Capturing rich data throughout every step of the workflow ensuring customers, drivers, dispatch and management remain informed, and make decisions that reduce waste, increase safety, and maximize productivity.

Made for real jobs

Small in size, big on power.

Convert your vehicle activity into actionable insights with CoreHub. Using a series of IoT sensors to connect you to the things you need to know - it’s the smart way to power more profitable projects.

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Every order,
mixed to perfection

Count every rotation, measure every drop of water, and maintain accurate digital records showing you delivered to your customer's requirements. It's the concrete assurance every project needs.

Safe, confident drivers

Take care of your drivers and vehicles with customizable DVIR for pre and post-trip checklists. Offer enhanced driver feedback on speed, cornering, idling, braking, acceleration and more with the precision offered by a 3-axis accelerometer.


Drum control at every turn

Prevent human error with smart drum sensors for customized alerts at start, stop, fast mix, regular, and pour.

Reduce your on site wait times

Improve time to pour with accurate geo-fencing to quickly and easily locate truck-in-front on even the most sprawling sites.

Always connected and up to date

CoreHub dual SIM keeps you connected and up to date with the latest features from over the air software updates.

Keep recording off the grid

Even out of coverage, CoreHub retains continuous memory for over 2 months, uploading when connection returns.

No more downtime
with self-installation

Make installer costs and wait times a thing of the past with CoreHub. The compact design can be mounted anywhere, while the installer app will guide you to calibration.  Just five minutes with a wrench gets your sensors in place.

Enhance operations
with actionable insights

Time-based key metrics to reduce losses from wait times, surface outliers for driver coaching, and address trends with ease using dashboards designed for the complexity of your business.

Precision pouring
without distractions

Keep your eyes in front, with in-cab screens designed specifically for the concrete driver workflow. Key drum statuses are at hand, alongside slump indication, water add, and easy access to ticket information - focus on the pour, not the order.

Rule Set

Total on the
road compliance

Every aspect of your fleet is catered to with Logbook compliance available within the platform. The unique complexities of your business have been built in, with a flexible Rules Engine allowing you to customize rules and reporting to your needs.

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I’m looking forward to a long-term partnership.
Coretex’s product road map is very exciting and I can see that they will be instrumental in moving the construction industry to the next level.

Wayne Silva Chief Financial Officer, Ascension Ready Mix Inc.

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