Driving safe food supply chains at every touch point

Ensuring quality delivery requires end to end journey management combining vehicle standards, safe driving practices, visual and location monitoring, multi-layered temperature controls, and the data logs to verify compliance standards.

Learn and respond
in real time

Reduce preventable incidents and spoiled loads by responding to alerts in real time. With alerts for everything from OEM Fault codes, to ELD violations, harsh cornering and temperature variations, you’ll have confidence in the health of your assets and ability to intervene before an incident requires escalating. 

Highest standard
driver behavior coaching

Instances of harsh cornering or braking can impact the appearance and quality of products on arrival - stay ahead of this with combined dashcam footage and engine data capture for driver behaviour and quality service for your customers. With g-force triggered camera upload to cloud, you’ll have instant access to coaching materials.

Advanced core product temperature verification

A choice of FSMA compliant standard monitoring and control for reefer assets based on returned air temperatures, or advanced FSQA with CoreTemp. Using simulated product temperature algorithms, CoreTemp offers real time monitoring on individual products for the highest level of quality assurance.

CoreTemp ProductTemp

Two-Way Reefer

Configure advanced remote two-way commands with options for detailed functions by individual compartment or asset.

Asset monitoring

Categorize in transit and stationary assets on 360 management platform. Identify unutilized assets with dwell time filtering.

Advanced door alerts

Single and multi-door sensors with door activity alerts and reporting for preventing temperature excursions through escaped air.

Event notifications

Customizable trigger based alerts inform you of everything from excessive g-force, low battery to reefer fuel levels and temperatures.

Track, trace
and playback

Real-time GPS location tracking gives you constant visibility of your assets and detailed playback to allow you a selective view of alerts, geofence data, and temperature data. Changes in critical status areas of temperature, reefer mode, manufacturer alarms and geofence will immediately trigger GPS position against the alert for detailed incident records.

360Reefer ChartView Laptop

Get better insights

From HoS violations, Fault Codes to MPG and incident reporting, you can make better decisions with all the information you need at your fingertips. For deep analysis of cold chain controls, the integrated pre-cool compliance and efficiency platform offers cross fleet comparison of areas such as pre-cool durations, equipment health by reefer, and temperature compliance.

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CoreVision Dashcam

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Data harvested by the Coretex units give us a valuable look at our cold chain performances.
Using the trailer return air data for predictive analytics has been a game changer for GSF and has positioned us as industry leaders.

Tim Bates Corporate Quality Systems Director, Golden State Foods