Safer food supply chains with reefer telematics

February 04, 2022

Food safety is serious business. Every year over 33 million people become sick as a result of foodborne illness in the United States alone with more than 9000 dying. The financial cost of this to society, in wages, insurance and medical bills is in the billions. Due to the severity of this, governments at all levels have put regulations in place to protect workers and consumers and stop them falling ill.

The most significant of these regulations, signed into law in 2011 by Barack Obama, is the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). FSMA’s main purpose was to standardize food safety practices, with parts of it affecting every aspect of the food and beverage supply chain, from farmers to manufacturers to transporters. Farmers and food processors were given much more responsibility to prevent contamination - contamination – different to the previous system where FDA agents would investigate the cause of outbreaks after they happened.

As members of the food and beverage supply chain, food transport organizations need to adhere to FSMA compliance and prove that their loads are delivered safely each time. Coretex reefer telematics provides simple, automated compliance options for FSMA and other regulations to give you peace of mind. Real time and historic temperature data and two-way controls ensure the safety and freshness of your loads, with this information able to be shared with clients as well as the authorities. Some other ways that the Coretex Reefer Solution helps keep food safe include -


Event notifications and door alerts

Custom notifications get the right information to the people who need it on time. Door sensors with corresponding alerts inform drivers and dispatch if a door is open and prevent temperature excursions from happening through escaped air. Alerts for temperature levels, reefer fuel levels, tire pressure and more can be set up as you need so that you always know if action needs to be taken.


Two-way reefer controls

Respond to issues in real time with two-way reefer controls and ensure the safety of your loads. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, you can remotely adjust a range of settings including reefer on/off, return air, temperature set point and more. As well as keeping your loads safe, greater control reduces the risk of wasted loads – and wasted money. Delivering consistently fresh loads of prime condition product is great for keeping your clients happy and your reputation in a high regard.


To find out more about how Coretex can help keep your food and beverage loads safe, get in touch with our team today.