How to Improve Compliance and Cold Chain Assurance

December 17, 2019

Coretex has over a decade of experience providing mixed fleets with in-cab and reefer solutions that meet compliance regulations, including ELD and FSMA, utilizing an integrated platform that delivers a single source of operational truth.

With increased demand for fresh produce, shippers and receivers are seeking more transparency from carriers as to how their refrigerated goods are being managed. Coretex solutions give freight organizations the visibility, confidence and control they need to protect loads, keep assets rolling longer, and deliver first-class customer service. 

Data-driven Food Safety Compliance

Traditionally, temperature monitoring has been completed manually – someone uses a thermometer or probe to check and then log temperature.  Human error has historically been one of the largest factors for regulatory non-compliance.

Coretex’s automated reefer solution can substantially improve food safety by providing a continuous and consistent data stream of temperatures 24/7. This method enables carriers to be more proactive in solving problems by taking immediate action when there is a temperature-related or manufacturing alarm issues.  Coretex’s smart logic system filters out false positives and also features a playback tool used to uncover granular forensic information about the load. 

CoreTemp: The Future of Cold Chain Assurance

Coretex is revolutionizing product temperature and delivery compliance. CoreTemp provides the highest level of product and brand assurance to the refrigerated goods cold chain. 

Our new CoreTemp SaaS application was created to help food retailers and refrigerated transport haulers gain true visibility of their high-risk, high-value products as they move through the supply chain.  The solution captures and reports critical data to help businesses ensure the quality of perishable food and receive status alerts for potential temperature or transportation issues.

CoreTemp was developed in collaboration with some of the biggest consumer brands and their cold chain distribution partners.  The system uses intelligent mathematical algorithms to continuously calculate product core-temperatures of fresh and frozen products with incredible accuracy – in real-time.

Fleet Utilization and Status

Coretex’s 360 cloud-based software provides an interactive dashboard for real-time monitoring, allowing fleet operations personnel to visualize the location of trucks along with information on load integrity – without calling drivers. Also, the system displays geofence information including the amount of time spent at loading docks and various delivery points – providing comprehensive statistics for on-time delivery efficiency along with a continuous, comprehensive view of reefers’ operating status. 

Preventative Maintenance

Coretex’s onboard computers connected to vehicles’ engines present virtual diagnostic capabilities by collecting data across a number of critical points to address real-time engine faults, tire pressure, brake functionality, battery, among others.  Reefer alarms and alerts for return and supply air, door open/close alerts, manufacturer alarms, temperature and humidity, can be fully configured as SMS, pop-up or email notifications when an anomaly occurs – giving operators the ability to remotely troubleshoot and adjust settings. 

To learn more about our fresh approach to core and continuous temperature monitoring, download the eBook “Coretex is Taking Cold Chain Monitoring to the Next Level.”