4 Technology Factors Enhancing Visibility & Productivity for Construction Industry

June 20, 2019

The construction industry has reached a critical milestone in its technology transformation. Now, a complete 360-degree view into the performance and behavior of an entire construction supply operation is available and at our fingertips. Aggregate suppliers and ready mix fleet companies are rapidly adopting solutions to provide their dispatchers with granular, real-time visibility into the location, behavior, and status of their trucks.

Here are four key features from the Coretex construction solution which our customers are utilizing to achieve new efficiencies and, ultimately, deliver more product per man hour during their operations: 

Integrated Job Statusing

Real-time tracking shows at any given point in time just how many concrete mixer trucks are ticketed, en route, on site, pouring, and traveling back to their plants. Coretex also monitors a complete set of high definition sensor specifically designed for use in a ready mix and aggregates environment. For instance, we monitor drum rotation to obtain speed, direction and count data. Water add sensors automatically record and report water added to the mix for audit and quality purposes, excluding water used for washout or other purposes. This type of information documents proof of slump quality and ensures concrete was delivered to specification according to the mix design.

Being able to easily monitor the status of jobs and the best plant to batch and dispatch out of optimizes work for its drivers, also provides the ability to proactively distribute labor which saves time and money, while keeping drivers safer than ever before. 

System Integrations

Streamlining and synchronizing telematics data with dispatch systems is imperative for the construction industry. Coretex’s hardware and software platform is fully integrated with major ready mix and aggregate dispatch systems including Marcotte Systems, Jonel, Command Alkon, and WheresMyConcrete, among others. We also provide integrated video capabilities utilizing the best dash cameras in the market for instant access to both live and recorded HD video feeds.

Our API integrates with other third party applications including CRM, billing, reports, and business intelligence tools. We display Coretex high definition device data and any integrated information on visualization dashboards that give you actionable insights and time series comparisons. Users can easily see cubic yards, contractor job site waiting time and ranking of Contractor, utilization, total ticketed, trip time, driver cubic yards per man hour, and driver behavior – enabling informed business decisions.

In-cab Monitoring 

Ultimate efficiency comes from what we call a “single point of operational truth.” Coretex in-cab solutions are truly plug-n-play with no wiring required except to the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM). The solution captures critical in-cab performance data such as hours of service (ELD, with the construction ruleset option), location, ignition on and off, engine idle times, and excessive speed for each truck. This valuable data is communicated to back office systems. It can also send text and/or email alerts to dispatch, maintenance or admin personnel for vehicle issues or exceptions that occur. There are built in construction profiles and rule sets as well as the ability to customize these to address specific business needs. 


In ready mix, we know how important it is to properly maintain equipment. We provide paperless comprehensive driver vehicle inspection reports & checklists. The Coretex DVIR solution tracks the time taken to complete DVIRs, identifies DVIRs that are out of range, emails alerts for any DIVRs with defects, and offers fully customizable pre- and post-trip checklists. There are both “quick complete” and “full DVIR” options available. Mechanics can easily see what work needs to be performed before the truck goes back out on the road.

Coretex is the essential platform for dispatchers, safety teams and plant managers to get actionable insight into their fleet operations each step of the way. By collecting data from disparate sources, our single integrated Coretex platform can track location and speed, replay trips, define and manage geofences, control assets, monitor driver behavior, maintain service records, and allocate jobs. Technology innovations are truly transforming construction fleet management in ways never before possible.