Connectivity that keeps your city moving.

Our connected sensors and software provide critical visibility, control and automation to help cities improve safety, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

Safer Cities

Ensuring the food you buy is safely transported and stored, materials used to build your buildings and roads are poured for optimal strength, and the drivers on your roads are rested and well trained.

Greener Cities

Improving asset utilisation to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear. With Coretex, vehicles are using less energy to feed, build, and clean our growing cities.

Productive Cities

People using less resources to do get more done. We optimise delivery routes and delivery times, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, enabling cities to do more with existing assets.

We fund it

Collecting road user fees to fund new or upgraded transport infrastructure. Ensuring the safety and compliance of drivers.


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We build it

More cubic yards of concrete laid per vehicle, per man hour.

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We move it

Safer deliveries with fewer vehicles, using less fuel with happier drivers.

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We feed it

Farm to fork, ensuring food is transported safely and efficiently, throughout the cold chain.

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We clean it

Proof of service and managing routes and safety in waste and recycling.

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