5 reasons why you need the CoreVision dashcam in your fleet

March 25, 2022

From increasing safety to reducing costs, the return-on-investment dashcams provide is huge. Combined driver and vehicle data with HD video, Coretex’s CoreVision dashcam delivers more than a dashcam recording, but a complete view of every journey. In this blog post we take a closer look at 5 reasons why you should get CoreVision installed across your fleet -


1. Protect your drivers, your vehicles and your reputation

Truck drivers are great at their jobs. They are among the safest drivers on the road, and when they are involved in incidents, studies have shown that more often than not it is a car that is responsible. This doesn’t stop them from frequently being wrongly accused. Dashcams provide concrete video evidence that can be used to quickly exonerate drivers from fraudulent or false claims. This can save you big money – potentially millions in the case of a false ‘nuclear verdict’ – as well as protect the reputation of your drivers and your organization at the same time.

If you are involved in an incident, CoreVision backs up its recordings to the cloud via CoreHub, so your recordings are kept safe for reviewing purposes even if the camera itself is broken or damaged.


2. Boost driver coaching

Whether a driver is a 40 veteran of the road or a fresh-faced rookie, they can always learn something new, or use a little refresher.

CoreVision dashcam allows you to live stream drivers from the road, giving you a real time experience of being with them in the cab. Assess the skills of your drivers and see which areas they may need further coaching in. The real-time personalization of this feedback will help to further encourage safe driving.

Because of the remote nature of using dashcams for driver coaching, managers are able to coach multiple drivers in a shorter period of time. This means all of your drivers will receive the same high level of training and all be as safe as possible while on the roads.


3. Event triggered activation

Coretex understands that drivers can be skeptical about installing dashcams in their cabs. With the amount of hours truckers spend on the road, no one wants them watching them the whole time. CoreVision has been developed with this in mind and are set to operate only when triggered by harsh events, minimizing the impact they have on drivers.


4. Help prevent accidents

Capturing footage of employees driving behavior provides fleet managers with insights into the skills and skill-gaps of each driver. This allows for better targeted training for individual drivers allowing you to bring the level of expertise up across the board, increasing road safety for everyone.


5. Easy install, single or dual lens

CoreVision dashcams come in either a single lens option with a forward-facing camera to record the road, or a dual lens camera with forward facing camera and a driver facing camera to record a driver’s activity as well. Both lenses have the option of being set to be event activated, reducing the impact on driver privacy. Either option is easy to install, and should take no longer than 10 minutes -just use the built-in mounts, attach to the windscreen, connect to CoreHub via USB and follow the prompts in the Installer App.


 Sound good to you? Talk to our team about getting CoreVision installed across your fleet today!