Canadian ELD and roadside inspections – what you need to know

May 05, 2021

With the Canadian ELD mandate coming into effect on June the 12th, 2021 commercial truck drivers in Canada will be required to replace their old paper logging diaries with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). When this happens, one of the key changes drivers need to know about is what they now need to do during a roadside inspection.

The purpose of roadside inspections is still the same the same with the new laws - roadside inspectors need to check that drivers are following Canadian HOS regulations. However, the process has now changed.

Rather than handing over their paper log diaries, drivers now will show the inspector their ELD screen. This will display their work details from the last 24-hours, as well as the last 14-day period. This is one of the major benefits of ELDs, as the process is much faster than using paper logging diaries, allowing more time to be spent on the road.

Inspectors may also request that eRODS (Electronic Record of Duty Status – the logs that your ELD keeps) are transferred to them electronically, via email so drivers should be trained on how to do this. The inspector will provide the email address to send the logs to during the inspection. It’s worth noting that this varies from US roadside inspections, where the email address will be programed into the ELD already. Some ELD solutions may also include USB or Bluetooth for local transfer options. If your solution includes this ensure your drivers are trained on how to use it.

During roadside inspections Coretex ELD can be put into Inspection Mode where the current driving period and previous 14 days are available to view on screen, but the rest of the app’s features are locked so that no one can view them. The driver then has to enter their password to exit Inspection Mode and gain access to the rest of the app. This feature helps with the privacy concerns that some drivers have with using ELDs.

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