Coretex and Marcotte Systems Integration Provides End-to-End Control of Predictability, Efficiency and Quality

August 21, 2019

Coretex’s technology partnership with Marcotte Systems, a premier developer of process control and automation systems for the construction industry, is increasing productivity and reducing costs for ready mix and aggregate operations.

We have redefined the meaning of an end-to-end construction solution by combining our fleet management platform features, including precise integrated job statusing that details how many concrete mixer trucks are ticketed, en route, on site, pouring and traveling back to their plants, as well as camera feeds, engine management and service data with Marcotte Systems’ comprehensive process control and automation, dispatching software and batching systems.

Marcotte Systems delivers a field-proven suite of performance solutions. Marcotte CONTROL adjusts the required quantity of each batch constituent, in real-time during batch execution, while preserving key ratios and volumetric yield. The batch mix is automatically fine-tuned during the process. All parameters such as local material properties, density, absorption, granularity, moisture and temperature are used to smart-balance mixes.

The Coretex 360 construction solution provides dispatchers with granular, real-time visibility into the location, behavior and status of a construction supply operation. The system contains a complete set of HD sensors specifically designed for use in a ready-mix environment including bowl/drum rotation, water-added and load-switch for integrated job statusing.

Coretex and Marcotte’s “all-in-one” advanced integration provide a variety of unique differentiators including:

  • Profitability of loads/tickets in real-time – Marcotte’s cost of actual material consumption combined with Coretex’s cost per mileage 
  • Quality compliance in real-time – Temperature, moisture, slump and added water counter sensor data throughout the concrete life cycle incorporated with delivery tickets and batch data
  • Playback – Increase traceability with video replay for all levels of production and delivery per ticket
  • Predictability towards pre-batch & scheduling – Load times per mix design and plants, travel time metrics, customer waiting times, quality control tests inform intelligent decision making
  • Full quality loopback – Control from production to pour with mobility function of sample tests for predictability on next batches
  • Smart concrete return – Real-time feedback on how to handle returned concrete or non-compliant load
  • Smart client scoring – Multiple data points to score customers in real-time (e.g. change orders, claims, waiting times)
  • BI and analytics – Power business intelligence platform with built-in industry orientated metrics and benchmarks 

The technology alliance with Marcotte Systems enables our customers with efficiencies and consistent product quality that has never been seen before in the ready mix industry.

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