Coretex and McLeod Software announce enhanced product integration

October 04, 2018

Freight carriers can now remotely manage and control a wide-range of reefer settings and features from Coretex’s platform within McLeod’s LoadMaster fleet management software. The enhanced technology integration was announced this week at the McLeod Software User Conference.

The recent FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is transforming the nation’s food safety system by shifting the focus from responding to foodborne illness to preventing it. FMSA has a major influence on every aspect of the cold chain. A receiver must, by law, reject a load if they are not confident that the delivery has been kept within defined temperature parameters.

“Refrigerated transportation is a big part of our customers’ business and being able to control the behavior of the reefer remotely and ensure their loads stay within defined temperature bands is very exciting," said Robert Brothers, Manager of Product Development for McLeod Software. “With the cost of lost or rejected loads only to increase, having the ability to remotely intervene without leaving LoadMaster is critical.”

McLeod’s LoadMaster is a fully integrated trucking dispatch operations management system and a complete accounting software solution designed for transportation businesses. It is used by more than 650 truckload carriers in the United States. Coretex’s platform is a unified solution for reefer, dry van and in-cab that supports key assets of a refrigeration carrier including two-way remote command and control capabilities, real-time asset tracking and utilization, temperature monitoring and alerts, and a driver in-cab console.

“The combination of our existing integration and the new, live two-way portal unlocks significant business value for McLeod customers,” said Craig Marris, Executive Vice President of Mixed Fleets at Coretex. “Users can remotely turn a reefer on or off, as well as monitor trailer location, trip information, temperature readings, engine operating hours, and alarms without leaving LoadMaster.”

Coretex staff also provided demonstrations of its mixed fleet capabilities including its advanced ELD solution for fleet owners positioned to migrate from AOBR and new camera offerings in the Technology & Services Exhibition area at the conference.