Coretex DevOps Transformation

November 19, 2020

"Shifting culture is an on-going evolutional journey"

DevOps is seen within the technology sector as being both a cultural movement and a philosophy on bridging the gap between software development and operations. However, the true path to DevOps transformation within an organisation is usually hindered by the lack of a standard playbook that works for every situation and every organisation. It is often a journey with learnings and adjustments made throughout.  

This week the Coretex engineering team hosted the Auckland Azure User Group and the Auckland Azure Lunchtime Meetup at our Auckland HQ and via a live stream online, to share our journey in adopting DevOps with the tech community in New Zealand.  

We had over 30 DevOps professionals join us in-person, with more again joining via the live stream, it was a privilege to be able to engage with our tech community here in New Zealand.  

Our very own Lead DevOps Engineer Wells Zhang shared the unique journey that the company has taken in implementing transformational change to its approach with DevOps.  

“DevOps is an on-going culture movement, with evolved process and tools, to establish some capabilities by which we can continuously deliver value to our customers. The most common approach is to tackle this from the top down, focussing on the culture and then building processes and tools which will then deliver capabilities. This can often take a significant time to get right and delays the intended end result of delivering faster value to our customers.” 

Wells then shared how the Coretex approach was different. “We think shifting culture is an on-going evolutional journey. It won’t happen within a short period of time. We also recognise that processes and tools should serve a purpose, which is to establish the capabilities within the team” 

The approach taken by Coretex was cantered around building the tools and processes incrementally - one product at a time - while simultaneously building the capabilities within the team. The results were clear, as the benefits to our customers were indisputable. We then used that evidence to rally the wider team around the same approach. As logic driven people, facts really help encourage the cultural shift required. 

The DevOps journey at Coretex continues and if you have what it takes to help us along the way, we're hiring!

For those interested the recording of the live stream is available here to view