Coretex launches second generation video cameras

March 27, 2018

Have you heard the one about the horse that ran into a fence?

Here at Coretex we most certainly have - a customer told us. It had been accused of startling a horse with one of its vehicles; the horse ran into a fence and injured itself. Did the Coretex camera on the vehicle have footage that would disprove the claim?

The good news is that, with the second generation of the Coretex camera solution, the answer quite possible is ‘yes’. The new solution offers the ability to view video for a specific time. Provided the video hasn’t been overwritten, you can indeed look back for scared horses and almost anything else you want.

There’s a lot to like about the second-generation solution. For example, it supports up to eight channels of video, viewed directly from 360. It also offers three hardware configuration options:

  1. Windscreen mounted, road-facing camera with optional driver monitoring. The ideal low-cost event analysis solution for general transport.
  2. Four-channel recorder: Designed for under-dash mounting, this recorder supports a range of standalone cameras. The typical camera setup with this unit is road-facing, driver-facing and left/right side monitoring.
  3. Eight-channel recorder: Captures everything going on, in and around the vehicle. Monitors up to eight channels of video with a large number of trigger inputs.

All cameras feature real-time upload of video events, optional audio and a panic button. 

Another great feature is the ability to remotely login and get a live view from any camera. That means you can see what the driver is seeing, from wherever you are.    

Videos consume lots of data so we designed the solution to minimise data consumption while still offering detailed information when required. An example: the solution sends a number of still images rather than full video, which lets you evaluate the information from within 360 before requesting a full video.  We also limit the duration of live streaming and the period for each video request to 20 seconds per segment. 

Coretex also offers different standalone cameras that can be fitted to the four-way and eight-way recorders. These include waterproof and IR-illuminated versions, external side mount cameras, and road-facing and driver-facing cameras that can be mounted to the windscreen.

A compelling video proposition, then, for any operator looking to improve safety and manage insurance costs. Or, indeed, figure out just how that horse got stuck on a fence.

Find out more about our camera solutions here.