Enhanced Smart Waste Solution Showcased at WasteExpo

May 16, 2019

We announced our upgraded Smart Waste solution last week at WasteExpo, the largest waste and recycling conference in North America. The show drew over 20,000 attendees, including many of our existing customers and strategic partners as well as media and industry representatives. The feedback we received after demonstrating our complete Smart Waste solution was extremely favorable and underscored R&D efforts this past year.

The Coretex Smart Waste solution offers “a single point of operational truth” for all stakeholders. Our comprehensive Smart Waste product is now an integrated module within the Coretex 360 IoT platform. It includes a new user interface and advanced features for fleet dispatchers and drivers, city waste and recycling departments, and commercial and residential end users.

There was a lot of excitement for our mobile interfaces that will allow waste customers to check on the real-time status of collection service, receive reminders prior to scheduled service, receive notifications upon service delivery, and request/reschedule/cancel service.

Also, having the ability to automatically track performance and monitor status of work orders in real-time, without disrupting drivers, was well received by operators. They are looking forward to proactively updating routes, which will save them time and money, while keeping drivers safer than ever before.

Additional features include electronic route sheets, work orders, proof of service verification, photo and video of exceptions, DOT-compliant DVIR, RFID tag data, and electronic signature capture. The Coretex 360 technology also provides critical in-cab performance data for each truck such as hours of service, engine diagnostics and fault codes, and driver behavior. This valuable data is communicated to back office systems. The Coretex API integrates with third party applications such as route planning, CRM, billing, and business intelligence tools.

We are proud to provide waste and recycling haulers with the visibility and control they need to deliver first-class customer service at the lowest possible cost. 

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