Enhancements to Coretex DRIVE Rules Engine Goes Above and Beyond ELD

December 21, 2018

Coretex DRIVE is an android-based In Cab system that links drivers to vehicles and vehicles to dispatchers. As a trusted partner, Coretex has provided fleet operators with navigation, messaging and push-to-talk capabilities, job workflow management, DVIR integrated checklists and real-time driver behavior feedback via the DRIVE platform. 

In response to the ELD mandate, Coretex DRIVE was enhanced with robust features and an interactive dashboard to address FMCSA requirements and more. In the past couple of years, we have successfully delivered an innovative IoT platform to fleet companies across North America that has turned their compliance efforts into a competitive advantage.

Our product roadmap is continually evolving. We engage with our customers for feedback to develop new features that would help them connect drivers to the intelligence and carry out their workday efficiently and safely. As a result, we recently added industry-first capabilities to the application through the DRIVE Rules Engine.



Here are some key differentiators now incorporated into Coretex DRIVE:

  • Ability to customize application behavior to fit specific business requirements beyond ELD
  • Support for an expansive set of HOS rule sets in different country and state jurisdictions
  • Automated hours of service status combining live vehicle and GPS data with defined actions for drivers and dispatch that can operate outside of cellular coverage
  • Real-time snapshots of HOS for each driver with forecasted availability available via the DRIVE API
  • If / then alert scenarios using multiple criteria (e.g. driver exits geofence marked as a customer location, then notify driver to perform a designated action)
  • A range of elaborate status definitions (e.g. off-duty vs. breaks) including qualities such as usage criteria and trigger/action features that seamlessly map back to federal report designations
  • Interactive documentation for all ELD, DVIR and HOS APIs

With Coretex’s flexible DRIVE Rules Engine, we provide a new level of rich customization for ELD and Hours of Service behavior. It doesn’t take much effort to change or build out specific/multiple variances of rule sets for customers. Our goal is to deliver a Single Point of Operational Truth for fleet vehicles, drivers and loads. 

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