eRUC Now Available on Coretex 360

August 29, 2017

Fully automated Electronic RUC now available on Coretex’s web-based system

Auckland, New Zealand. 29th August 2017, Coretex, a leader in Active Fleet Management Solutions announced that Electronic Road User Charging (eRUC) is now available on Coretex 360, the company’s web-based fleet visualisation system.

Coretex’s eRUC solution provides fleet operators with a fully-automated solution that accurately tracks on-road kilometres and automatically purchases new RUC licenses when required. In addition, Coretex’s eRUC solution measures off-road kilometres with High-Definition precision, making it easy for operators to maximise RUC rebates.

eRUC is available as part of Coretex’s In-cab and Compliance packages, which go beyond eRUC to provide fleet operators with a comprehensive fleet management solution. In-cab packages include highly-accurate ‘device-side’ geofence monitoring, access to engine management data, driver behaviour monitoring, real-time vehicle tracking and HD incident replay. Coretex in-cab packages are suitable for both small and large fleet operators.

Selwyn Pellett, Coretex Chief Executive Officer said “With eRUC included in our In-cab and Compliance packages we now have a comprehensive and powerful web-based solution for all New Zealand fleet operators. We are now able to move one step closer to our vision of delivering our customers a Single Point of Operational Truth that gives them the real-time HD insights that they need to run safer, cleaner and more efficient operations.”

Today, Coretex transacts more than $2m each week of RUC on behalf of the NZ government and is one of only two providers approved by the New Zealand government to collect RUC on its behalf.

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About Coretex

Coretex is the leader in Active Fleet Management, tracking more than 40,000 vehicles globally. The company provides fleet operators with High-Definition tracking solutions for their trucks, refrigerated trailers, dry trailers, waste & recycling trucks and ready mix fleets.

Coretex’s Active Telematics platform, Coretex 360, enables fleet operators to automate key business processes, helping them to run more efficient and safer operations, while meeting all company, state and federal compliance standards.

Coretex currently employs 110 people across New Zealand, Australia and the US. It is one of only two companies permitted to collect Road User Tax (RUC) on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

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