Great Dane and Coretex collaborate to provide refrigerated fleets with a single source of data

October 29, 2019

Coretex, a global provider of supply chain compliance and fleet management solutions, and Great Dane, a leading manufacturer of high-performance commercial transportation equipment, announced a technology partnership surrounding the FleetPulse smart trailer solution at The International Foodservice Distributors Associations’ (IFDA) Distribution Solutions Conference. The two companies, which jointly bring scale and complementary expertise, will offer customers a comprehensive solution for refrigerated trailers (“FleetPulse with Reefer Control by Coretex”).

“FleetPulse with Reefer Control by Coretex” is a trailer telematics system that integrates with a variety of trailer components that collect precise measurements and allows fleets to keep watch over critical items like GPS location, tire inflation system, doors, trailer cargo weight (e.g. load status), burned-out lights, ABS fault codes, and actual mileage.  One of the core principles behind FleetPulse is to have rigorous discipline around validating each connected component.

“The Coretex technology is a proven and tested platform and is trusted by some of the most sophisticated reefer fleets that use both Carrier and ThermoKing assets.  Together, we provide refrigerated fleets a seamless, single source of data from the combined trailer and reefer unit and eliminate the annoyance of multiple subscriptions,” said Mike Molitor, Director of Business Development for Great Dane. 

Our alliance with Great Dane will provide refrigerated fleets with unprecedented peace of mind by receiving critical performance data about the trailer, the reefer unit and the cargo load itself – all within a single platform. By jointly focusing on providing compliance and performance assurance of both asset and load for the end customer, the FleetPulse/Coretex platform demonstrates the true value of a technology enabled fleet.

Contact us to learn more about this comprehensive solution for refrigerated trailers, including insight into critical refrigerated components such as the reefer unit and temperature controls.