How automatic job statusing helps ready-mix suppliers deliver the perfect pour

December 23, 2021

Automatic job statusing allows ready-mix truck drivers to focus on the road, getting to and from site efficiently as possible. This is important in an industry where time matters, especially on big jobs where continuous deliveries are needed.

In the past, drivers would update paper job tickets at every stage of the job and manually communicate with dispatch informing them where they are in the delivery cycle and the estimated times to their next destination. Now with IoT technology, everyone in the construction materials supply chain can see this job status information automatically updated at every stage of the cycle. Dispatch can see where every truck is and what they are doing in real time, allowing them to utilize their fleet in the most efficient manner. Organizations can deliver more product per man hour, less waste, and build trust with clients by sharing critical information in real time.

As well as job status info such as location, begin/end pour, loading and time on site, Coretex’s IoT vehicle hub CoreHub wirelessly connects to sensors to gather data for operators to make informed decisions. The Coretex Drum Rotation Sensor sits flush on the drum of a ready mix truck, counting rotations, direction and speed, giving insight into the state of the concrete in the load and allowing drivers to make necessary adjustments while on the job.

Coretex’s Universal Tag Sensor connects to a series of third-party sensors, to collect more data, and bring it all together on one platform -

  • Water Add Sensors record and report water levels for quality control and audit purposes.
  • Hydraulic Temperature Monitoring Sensors monitor trends used for preventative maintenance on truck’s hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Pressure Sensors measure resistance to the drum turning giving visibility into the viscosity of the ready mix inside
  • Washout Sensors let you see when the on-board water system is being used to clean the truck, see the time spent between pouring, washing the truck, and then leaving site.

By having all this information on one platform, dispatch can easily optimize deliveries on a day-to-day basis, using fleet resources as efficiently as possible. Accurate slump data is available for the whole job, verifying that the concrete delivered was to the requirements of the job. Custom built construction dashboards can be used to view data over specific time periods and make wider business decisions to improve total ticketed, reduce losses from wait times, improve utilization and more.

To find out more about how Coretex can improve efficiencies in your ready-mix supply operation, get in touch with our team today.