How fleet management increases customer satisfaction in the food and beverage industry

June 02, 2021

In every industry it pays to keep your customers happy - now more than ever clients have the ability to change between suppliers and providers whenever they please. The food and beverage transport industry is no different. If you don’t meet your clients’ expectations, not only are you potentially wasting loads of food, but you’re also risking losing customers to a competitor.

Good customer service can be thought of as a competitive advantage that will stop you from losing business to other carriers. If you can deliver your loads safely and on time, you will keep your customers happy, coming back for more and spreading the good word all over town. Before you know it, you’ll have new customer requests filling up your inbox.

Fleet management technology and telematics increases your levels of customer service. Increasing the reliability of your loads, improving driver efficiencies and building extra trust with your clients are just some of the ways that it can help you build your competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction.

The benefits of reefer tracking for food and beverage customers

Reefer tracking technology gives you total visibility of the real-time status of your loads during transportation. This goes beyond just getting the temperature of a trailer to showing you accurate temperature readings of the actual food being carried. Probes as well as probe-less simulation options are both available depending on your requirements, and settings can be automated to meet FSMA and other compliance regulations.

When you combine this with two-way commands for a broad range of functions including reefer on/off, return air, set point as well as door alerts and event notifications, ensuring the safety and quality of your loads becomes a lot easier. This means less wasted loads, and more satisfied customers.

How in-cab driver platforms increase efficiency

Improving driver efficiency and ensuring that loads are delivered consistently on time results in satisfied customers. While fleet management technology can’t remove all the traffic on the roads, there are a few ways that it can help when it comes to driver efficiency.

Tablet based in-cab driver platforms connect drivers to vehicles and vehicles to dispatchers. Through these platforms, drivers have access to features such as navigation, push to talk and messaging capabilities, job workflow management, as well as DVIR checklists, ELD and real-time driver feedback. As well as helping trucks get to their destination on time, these tools also help with truck maintenance meaning less chance of hazardous and time-consuming roadside breakdowns.

Real time information sharing with customers builds trust

Fleet management solutions allow you to share custom information with your clients accurately and in real time. Sharing information such as location and temperature details with your clients so allows them to see the details of their load, how far away it is and ensure that it is safe at all times.

Providing this type of transparency not only acts as an insurance policy for yourself, but also builds trust with your clients. They are able to see the information for themselves whenever they like, and the simple gesture of offering this to them is a show of confidence that you will get the job done right every time.


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