In-cab tips and tricks

February 25, 2022

A comprehensive fleet management toolkit, the Coretex In-cab Solution is ideal for fleets of all shapes and sizes. Powerful fatigue and job management tools, the CoreVision dashcam, a range of safety, reporting, and productivity features and integrations with the best dispatch and operational platforms available give operators and drivers everything they need to get their jobs done.

In this blog we take a look at some lesser-known features in three popular tools within the Coretex In-cab solution - ELD, Geofences and Fault Code Alerts.


Set custom messages for Geofences

For tracking vehicle activity, Geofences give you accurate location specific data, that is customizable and can be set just about anywhere - a yard, depot, customer location, even a whole state.

A feature some may not know about with Coretex Geofences is the ability to create custom entry, exit and speeding messages for each location.

Entry messages are automatically sent to drivers when they enter a geofence boundary - they are customizable and could be anything such as ‘Stop at the guard gate and wait for instructions’ or ‘Welcome to the yard. Different messages can be sent for different geofence locations.

Speeding messages display when a driver drives over a certain limit withing the boundaries of a geofence. This is particularly helpful in oil and mining locations which often have their own speed limits. Speeding messages can be set with a grace period of your choosing (in seconds), so that short periods of speeding are not notified. The exit message is displayed on leaving the geofence boundary and can be anything of your choosing.


Unidentified Driving with ELD

Part of the US ELD mandate, a driver must be logged in to their ELD when they start driving. If driving is commenced without logging in, an ‘Unidentified Driving’ notification is issued.

Supervisors, yard jockeys or mechanics may be driving dozens of vehicles a day, but never leave your yard. As they aren’t leaving the yard, and therefore aren’t driving on the roads, they do not need to be logged in. These short journeys happen multiple times a day and can be around 50% of an organizations Unidentified Driving activity, all of which needs to be reviewed.

By setting a Geofence around your yard, and enabling Automatic Assignment of Unidentified Driving in your settings, Coretex automatically marks these journeys as ‘reviewed’ - saving a lot of time and decluttering reports.


Disabling vehicle inspections

Another feature for drivers not leaving the yard. By de-selecting ‘Vehicle Inspections Enabled’ under Driver Properties they will not be prompted to complete a DVIR every time they start and finish a journey within the boundaries of the yard’s geofence. As these drivers are driving dozens of vehicles each day, not being prompted saves a lot of time.


Real time fault code reporting

Get real time fault code alerts to your inbox based on priority – urgent, medium and low. Not only do Coretex fault codes alerts come in real time, when you receive it, it comes enriched with vehicle data such as speed, engine RPM, whether the dash light was on or not, location and more. This is all useful information about what was going on with the vehicle when the fault occurred, and will help you make informed decisions of the best course of action.


To find out more about how the Coretex In-cab Solution can benefit your fleet, get in touch with our team today.