Insight, Innovation and Interaction on display at Intermodal Expo 2018

September 20, 2018

The IANA International Expo provided industry leaders with the opportunity to offer their unique perspective on the trends and issues shaping the future of intermodal freight transport. The annual event three-day event was held this week in Long Beach, California.

Coretex enjoyed interacting with IANA members on the exhibit floor and networking events. We provided demonstrations of our solutions during the show’s dedicated dialogue sessions.

The attendees I spoke with appreciated seeing our comprehensive platform offering. I often heard excitement about Coretex’s unique capabilities that other vendors are not able, or not licensed, to provide. Here are the top 3 highlights that received the most attention:

Geofence arrivals – The compliance email for geofence arrivals feature allows customers to automatically send arrival temperature emails in real-time versus having to compile and send a report. Coretex clients are using this feature, along with others, as a competitive advantage to increase their own sales by delivering higher level support and response.

Two-way control – Coretex’s ability to provide two-way reefer control from an interactive portal and/or cell phone is unique to the industry. Users can intuitively and remotely control: reefer on or off, initiate a defrost, change refer status and mode, clear alarms, and execute other manufacturer-specific commands.

In-Cab notifications – Coupled with our ELD solution, drivers are able to monitor temperature, receive alerts and alarms via our in-cab Android device. The Coretex 360 dashboard makes is easy to track and manage compliance obligations and automatically comes with a complete set of reports.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the show, I would be happy to set up a demo of our innovative telematics platform. Request demo here.