International Telematics release breakthrough in-cab dashboard app

May 27, 2015

International Telematics today announced the release of ibright® DRIVE, an advanced app that combines multiple data sources within a single in-cab dashboard. ibright® DRIVE provides professional drivers with all the information they need, while improving ease of operation and minimising distractions.

Guy Colglazier, CEO of International Telematics, says customer feedback on the complexity of working with multiple devices and apps in-cab led to the development of ibright® DRIVE.

“Our objective was to develop a solution that ensured real-time communications in-to and out-of the cab, while reducing complexity and minimising distraction for the driver.”

“ibright® DRIVE is incredibly intuitive and ensures drivers now have a single point of in-cab reference for various applications, from job workflow, electronic logbooks, transport management systems, alerts and notifications, as well as email and navigation apps,” says Colglaizer.

ibright® DRIVE was officially launched this month, following successful field trials over the past three months, in both the US and New Zealand. One of ibright® DRIVE’s field trial participants was Philadelphia-based delicatessen foods manufacturer Dietz & Watson. Steve Robinson, Telematics and Routing Manager at Dietz & Watson, says the company was impressed with the combination of power and ease-of-use provided by ibright® DRIVE.

“The ibright® DRIVE is extremely flexible and powerful. Integrating the jobs app into our routing system was simple and straightforward. We are now able to capture information about each delivery and act on it in real time. Using the ibright® DRIVE system will allow us to meet any changing business needs in the future, as changes are so easily made,” says Robinson.

The ibright® DRIVE dashboard is intuitive to operate and offers a wide range of options for fleet operators. ibright® DRIVE runs on any Android device running version 4.2 or newer, opening the way for any Android phone or tablet as the preferred in-cab screen option. The open architecture and APIs ensures ease of integration with third-party applications and the audio feature permits all communications to be spoken to the driver to help minimise on-road distractions.

“We have already received numerous pre-launch orders and are very excited about the success of ibright DRIVE. We believe our focus on continuous improvement for fleet operators and drivers, has us well positioned for future developments to build on the ibright DRIVE system,” says Colglazier.