Remove stress from your projects with construction fleet management

February 18, 2022

Time matters in the construction industry. Projects depend on the timely coordination of many moving parts, jobs and people to succeed. The Coretex Construction Solution allows you to take the stress out of your projects with real-time, accurate visibility of every vehicle, every driver, and every load. Let’s take a look at three ways it helps increase performance to let you deliver the perfect pour every time -


Integrated Automatic Job Statusing

Auto Job Statusing gives fleet managers full visibility into their fleet, allowing them to better allocate resources and ensure that concrete is delivered to site on time. Knowing how many concrete mixer trucks are ticketed, en route, on site, pouring, and traveling back to plant gives key supply chain personnel the information they need to make sure jobs are done properly.  

Drivers also benefit, no longer needing to worry about updating paper tickets or calling into dispatch to manually tell them their status. They can now focus on driving, getting to and from site as efficiently and safely as possible. This is particularly important on the big jobs, where continuous deliveries are required.

In the Coretex 360 fleet management suite, managers can see Time to Ticket for each truck in their fleet – as well as average figures over a selected time period. By seeing if an individual truck has not been given a new job, or that the overall time its taking to give trucks new jobs is too long, processes can be improved to better utilize your assets.


Streamline maintenance and increase fleet health with DVIR

Keeping ready mix trucks well maintained is crucial for both the safety and performance of your fleet. Coretex DVIR and custom digital safety checklists are great tools to stay on top of maintenance, designed for ease of use, reducing downtime, and getting drivers on the road.

When completing a DVIR, drivers check mechanical and safety issues on their vehicle and ensure that everything is working as it is supposed to. Compared to paper checklists, they save a lot of time, allowing drivers to get on with their work, and they are considerably more accurate. As well as this are automatically shared with your maintenance team allowing them to stay on top of which vehicles need attention, reducing any downtime.


Integrations with the best

The amount of third-party applications available to Coretex customers is always growing and evolving due to our dedicated integrations team. The Coretex Construction Solution currently has two-way dispatch integrations with Marcotte, Command Alkon, ConcreteGo, Jonel, WheresMyConcrete and Sysdyne Technologies for job information and statusing, water add and location tracking as well as a CiDRA SMARThatch integration for quality control.


To find out more about how the Coretex Construction Solution can benefit your fleet, get in touch with our team today.