Telematics is paving the way for increased productivity in construction

May 18, 2018

Aggregate suppliers and ready mix fleet companies are achieving new efficiencies by deploying telematics systems. Armed with data such as usage rates, engine data, idle times, and preventative maintenance alerts, contractors and OEMs have insight into the performance of their equipment like never before. With the mass adoption of IoT, dispatchers now have access to granular, tracking data showing just how many concrete mixer trucks are ticketed, en route, on site and pouring, and traveling back to their plants all in real-time.

The main operational goals for these construction supply companies are simple: to increase yards per man-hour and reduce operational costs. Equipment owners utilizing telematics data are beginning to reap those benefits.

However, the construction market is filled with a variety of old and new telematics offerings and it is becoming evident that all solutions are not created equal. While Coretex as a brand name is relatively new, the technology running our platform has been a driving force in telematics for more than a decade. As we continue to expand our global reach, I would like to explain how we innovated our way to becoming the leading telematics solution provider for the construction industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Coretex addresses the three key factors operators consider when selecting a monitoring system or replacing an incumbent:


The strength of our commitment to our clients is reflected in product innovation and the strategic partnerships we establish. Ultimate efficiency comes from what we call a “single point of operational truth.” This is accomplished by collecting data from disparate sources then processing all types of sensor data, location information, and unsafe operating behavior into actionable intelligence that can impact and transform fleet management.

For instance, streamlining and synchronizing telematics data with dispatch systems is imperative for the construction industry. Coretex’s technology is fully integrated with major ready mix and aggregate dispatch systems including COMMANDseries, Integra, Jonel, and Apex, among others. We also provide integrated camera capabilities utilizing the best dash cameras in the market, for instant access to both live and recorded HD video feeds to cut accident rates, protect reputation and help put the brakes on insurance costs. We have developed additional proprietary solutions that can be bundled into your Coretex platform, that automatically monitor vehicle movement, distance, engine hours, driving time, and an ELD solution built from the ground up. As fleet and telematics technologies continue to advance, we will integrate them into a single platform that will serve as your core operational and data visualization solution.


When I speak with companies who were early adopters of telematics, I often hear of dissatisfaction with system expectations and unfulfilled vendor promises. Some telematics providers in the construction vertical have not maintained their R&D investment and innovation has not kept up with the market’s expectations. Now, their customers are experiencing hardware reliability issues and are paying far more than the ROI they should be receiving.

What fleet managers desire, is a solution provider that has proven experience with a stable product offering - yet is still nimble and eager to innovate and create value.

At Coretex, we develop our product road map based upon customer and industry expert feedback. We believe the key to our success, is to become more than a trusted solution provider and growing our client relationships into technology partnerships. For example, we are currently collaborating with one of the largest aggregate suppliers in North America, to develop new features to support their business objectives. Technology must constantly evolve and Coretex is proud to be an active participant in moving the industry to the next level.

Safer, greener and more productive

As a globally responsible company, we strive to give operators innovative tools to maximize their assets, avoid waste, and boost safety. Optimizing asset utilization is a significant benefit that telematics systems solve. Automatically monitoring asset status in real-time identifies which vehicles and plants are running inefficiently.

In addition, monitoring and correcting unsafe operating behavior of employees improves driver incentive programs and reduces accidents.

The Coretex platform offers 360-degree insight into the performance and behavior of a construction supply operation. We provide a complete set of HD sensors, specifically designed for use in a ready-mix environment.

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