Ultimate service verification with the Coretex Waste Solution

February 11, 2022

Disputes between haulers and cities are so common in waste management they’ve almost become part of the job. While nothing personal, at times they can put a strain on business relationships. Service verification technology is designed to solve this – by clearly displaying time stamped evidence that carts were collected, and jobs were completed. Show without any doubt that you held up your end of the deal.

However In one of the dirtiest industries around, service verification methods aren’t always perfect. Equipment and wiring can break or become faulty, impacting the accuracy of the data collected.

To resolve this, Coretex offers three levels of service verification. If one stops, the next levels keep recording giving a certain level of comfort to contract monitors who need that data.

The three levels of service verification are -



The gold standard in Service Verification is purpose built for waste with over 15 years of product experience.  The CoreRFID kit contains the RFID reader and antenna which identify a cart’s unique RFID tag, proving beyond any doubt that it was collected. Coretex was among the first group of providers to start using RFID technology in waste management, and is the only member of that group still doing it today. CoreRFID has been developed specifically for waste – built for the dirty jobs you could say – and does not use repurposed parts designed for other industries making it easier to maintain, and more affordable than any other option available on the market today. CoreRFID allows you to get service verification data from specific carts – easily get the history of a cart through and see exactly when it has been collected over a period of time to use this information for contract resolution.


Wireless Lift Arm Sensor

The second level of service verification is the Wireless Lift Arm Sensor. Secured directly to a trash truck’s lift-arm, it records cart tips so that you can see when and where bins were collected. As the Coretex Sensor does not rely on electrical wiring – it is a lot less vulnerable to faults. No wiring also makes it easier to install, and the body of the sensor is designed to fit to any type of truck body type, ideal for fleets with trucks of different shapes and sizes.


Stop/start events with GPS

By monitoring stop and start events with GPS location data and a time stamp you can see that a truck has been past the cart on its route, and slowed down to a certain speed or stopped while passing indicating that the cart was collected. This provides an excellent level of backup service verification when needed.


See it all with the Coretex Waste Dashboard

For the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to contract satisfaction, you can display all three levels of service verification on screen using the Coretex Waste Dashboard. This can be shared with contractors or clients with both real time and historical data to build trust and provide comfort to those involved in monitoring waste contracts.


To find out how Coretex’s three levels of Service Verification can help take the stress out of your contract satisfaction, get in touch with us today.