Welcome to the future! Coretex is officially part of EROAD

December 01, 2021

Today is day one on our new journey, Coretex is now officially ‘Coretex an EROAD Company’ – the best gift to end the year on as we approach the festive season. To say that a lot of work from people on both sides has gone into making this happen would be an understatement! We’re so proud of the whole team and everything that has been accomplished so far.

Growth is in Coretex’s DNA – the company is the result of several mergers and acquisitions so far, so combining with EROAD makes sense as the next step in our journey. As far as good matches go, it would be hard to find a more ideal fit. Coretex and EROAD are better together - better products, better solutions, and better service. That they are another Kiwi company, who share the same values, is the cherry on top.

As we move forward EROAD has the systems in place to scale our technology so that it is adopted by premium companies all around the world. EROAD and Coretex have traditionally operated out of, but haven’t necessarily competed in the same regions, NZ, the USA and Australia. This means that within all these markets – the potential for expansion and growth is enormous with each company complementing the other in that location.

To our customers, firstly thank you for getting us to this point. Trust us when we say things are only going to get better. For the moment not much will change – you can expect the same great products and the same great service will remain – but as time moves forward you can expect to see some improvements. New features and technology, improvements to products and service, the sky’s the limit. When these changes start to happen, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Combined – the future EROAD is a long and prosperous highway with endless opportunities.