Why CoreRFID is the gold standard of service verification

March 31, 2022

Within the crown that is the Coretex Waste Solution, CoreRFID sits brightly at the top as the shining jewel. It is the ultimate service verification tool. The gold standard. Compared to other options on the market it has unparalleled accuracy is built tough and made to last. As well as this, its significantly more affordable than the other options out there.

But its easy to just say all that, so let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why CoreRFID is lifting service verification to new heights -


Purpose built for waste

Coretex was one of the first organizations to start using RFID technology for waste management and is the only member of that group still doing it today. As well as this CoreRFID has been developed specifically for waste. It is built for the dirty jobs – and does not use repurposed parts designed for other industries making it easier to maintain, and more affordable than any other option available on the market today.


Manage your relationships

It’s a well-known fact that disputes between haulers and cities are common place in the waste industry. If these disputes become heated, they can start to put a strain on business relationships. CoreRFID stops this, by providing the ultimate in reliable service verification so that you can prove beyond doubt you got the job done. Share time-stamped evidence that carts were collected, and jobs were completed so that you can show that you held up your end of the deal.


Target education and enforcement to specific addresses

A benefit of RFID tags displaying the address of specific carts is that you are easily able to identify repeat offenders. Whether it is contaminated carts, or bins not being put out, the correct parties can be easily identified and action can be taken to educate or if necessary fine them, reducing the chances of it happening again in future.


Easy install

CoreRFID is super easy to install. It works on trucks of all shapes and sizes and will be up and running on your fleet in no time.


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