November 29, 2018

Isuzu Partners with Coretex to Provide Fleet Management to Customers

Isuzu New Zealand has partnered with Coretex to deliver fleet management solutions across its entire truck range, starting with the Heavy and Giga Range. The partnership will see Coretex hardware pre-installed in all new Isuzu trucks from January 2019, with customers offered a scalable range of solutions from Coretex’s core fleet management offerings.

Isuzu NZ general manager Colin Muir says the deal is all about supporting customers and meeting their needs.

“Coretex provide exactly what we require in terms of deliverables, so are rapt to be announcing this partnership. We believe this will be of huge benefit to our customers and is an additional reason why people should have a new Isuzu at the top of their consideration list when it comes time to purchase a new truck,” Muir says.

Coretex CEO Selwyn Pellett says, “We’re excited to bring Coretex’s industry-leading platform to Isuzu’s customers. Our partnership with Isuzu will help companies upgrade their fleet management solutions to a modern platform at a low entry cost.”

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