Live Two-Way Interactive Reefer Controls Now Available Inside McLeod LoadMaster

September 18, 2017

McLeod users now able to harness the power of Coretex IBRIGHT to remotely control refrigerated trailers from within LoadMaster

Auckland, New Zealand. September 17th 2017. Coretex, a leader in Active Fleet Management Solutions announced McLeod users will soon be able to remotely control their refrigerated trailers from within LoadMaster operational screens.

Building on the popular one-way integration between McLeod’s LoadMaster and Coretex IBRIGHT, the new two-way interactive portal allows permissioned users to remotely manage a wide-range of refrigerated truck and trailer settings from within the LoadMaster interface.

Through the portal, LoadMaster users will have access to remotely:

  • Turn a reefer on or off
  • Clear alarms
  • Change a compartment set point
  • Change reefer status and mode
  • Run or schedule a future pre-trip
  • Initiate a defrost
  • Execute other manufacturer-specific commands

In addition, users can monitor a range of other vital information quickly and easily without leaving LoadMaster, including:

  • Trailer location information and latest trip information
  • Real-time set point, supply, return, and ambient air temperatures, including multiple probe product temperatures
  • Real-time engine and operating hours
  • Real-time reefer manufacturer alarms

The new capability to Coretex IBRIGHT customers will be available to license in the McLeod LoadMaster Version 17.2 release this fall.

Selwyn Pellett, Coretex Chief Executive Officer, said “With FSMA now having a major influence on the cold chain, the ability for customers to remotely manage the behaviour of a reefer from within their dispatch system is hugely important. The new two-way capability improves the efficiency of operational teams, by allowing them to live inside their McLeod LoadMaster application continuously and reduces the risk of lost or rejected loads, by allowing them to remotely change the behaviour of the reefer, in the event that something goes wrong.”

Robert Brothers, Manager of Product Development from McLeod, said “Refrigerated transportation is a big part of our customers’ business and the ability for them to be able to control the behaviour of the reefer remotely is very exciting. With the cost of lost or rejected loads only going up, having the ability to remotely intervene without leaving LoadMaster is critical.”

Coretex is demonstrating the two-way interactive portal at booth 800 during the 2017 McLeod Software User Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

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